Located in  NW Calgary,

GravityB 3D specializes in 3D dog scans.

Our full-body 3D scanning system produces unique full colour 3D printed figurines of people and pets.

Have you ever wanted to hold a super cute figurine of you, of your dog or cat, or even a member of your family? At GravityB's 3D scanning studio, you can. We use our custom-built 3D capture Studio to combine photos of our clients using over 90 cameras at different angles to create your full colour 3D printed figurine.

We're able to render an amazingly realistic 3D model of our subjects and, from there, we can print a full colour 3D printed figurine, what we call a "3D COPPY."

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3D COPPY - 3D printed figurine
360 - Spinning MOV/GIF
3D full figure scanning
3D Assets
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Blue the French Bulldog

Blue's 3D model uploaded to

Sketchfab's 3D viewer.

Go ahead, take him for a spin!





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