Scheduling your 3D Capture Session

Thank you all for entering the GravityB 3D Casting Call.

With the recent Sept. 16th Alberta COVID restrictions we'll be reworking our 3D capture session schedule. More information on times coming soon. We appreciate your patience and your participation!

Phase 1, gathering applicants, is done and it is now time to move to Phase 2. For those interested in participating, or learning more about our project, please follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for updates.


We will be scheduling In-Studio 3D capture sessions with your dog(s) starting in September. Our studio is located in NW Calgary on the edge of Bowness, next door to Back in the Back dog daycare.

​For a set of successful 3D captures your dog will need to lie down, sit and stand on command and at a distance. The standing pose is sometimes difficult, so we ask that you practice at home. I've included photo examples of Cooper doing his poses in our studio.

​The 3D capture is instant (just like any normal camera) and the transfer all 90 photos to the computer takes about a minute. We are normally able to complete all the poses within 10-15 minutes, including instructions and explanations of how it all works.

​For those of you interested in having your dog’s 3D capture turned into a full colour 3D printed figurine please don’t hesitate to ask. We have many 3D printed models on display to show during the visit.

​We will begin formal bookings soon for Phase 2 of the 3D Casting Call, and we can't wait to meeting you in person.


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3D Casting Call Bookings - Phase 2
For Applications submitted from July 1 to Aug 31

Thanks for submitting!